Rafting in the Vésubie valley and the Gorges of Daluis (Alpes maritimes 06)

Descente en raft de la vésubie ou des Gorges de Daluis. Rafting sportif à Nice.

Sport trip (in Spring) in the Vésubie and the Daluis Gorges

The VESUBIE is only a 30 minutes drive from Nice

Vésubie is a sporty and very narrow river. In rafting the trip is a succession of rapids in splendid wild gorges.

The luxuriant vegetation and very beautiful passages such as « the corridor of the apocalypse  » make the Vésubie an exceptional white water playground. In May /June when the water level increases, climb aboard and ride down the waved rivers.

The Gorges of DALUIS called « the small Colorado of Nice »

The white water rafting through the Daluis gorges is fantastic. The river flows amid steep red-rock cliffs up to 300 meters….in the middle of the course the spectacular Amen waterfall (100m) splashes into the river.

The beginning of the route allows to warm up and quickly rapids develop, the very tight bends and the narrow walls make rafts bounce from a rapid to the next !

When the water level decreases, it is time to change rafting for a kayak adventure.

Descente de rafting de la Vésubie dans les Alpes Maritimes 06 Nice.

Rafting Adventure :

Gorges of the Vésubie

Gorges of the Daluis

  • half day (beginers and sport person)
  • From the snowmelt or following the rains of the spring (in May, June, until the middle of July)


Only in spring till the begining of july
  • Period : from the snows is melting or following the rains of the spring season (in May, June, until in the middle of July)

  • Important :Vésubie and the Gorges of Daluis are rivers with natural flow where the routes change radically according to the water level.

With the equipment, the safety talk and the shuttle return matter approximately 3 hours

  •  2h00 of descent on the river
  • A shuttle in minibus is assured to drive you back to the starting point
Course nivel 3 passage 4
  • Sports person and enjoy white water !
  • Be able to swim and be in good physical condition
  • From 14 years old
Recent equipment in standard european
  • Complete wetsuit or shorty and kway depending of the weather.
  • Life jaket + helmet
  • Collective equipment : telephone and first-aid kit, waterproof bag…

The equipment is rinsed and desinfected in Bacterless after every exit.

  • Closed sport shoes (obligatory) no open shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • A bottle of water

Access / Meeting point Vésubie

Access / Meeting point Daluis

RAFTING in Nice : Two level of difficulty


Organisation de la sortie / Transport / Photos

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